Scotland on Screen

Scotland on Screen

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Visit filming locations used in film and TV franchises such as James Bond, Outlander, Outlaw King, Mary Queen of Scots and Harry Potter.  

A Harry Potter themed tour is a must for any fans of JK Rowling’s tales of the boy who lived.  It features many instantly recognisable filming locations including; the railway viaduct featured in the Chamber of Secrets and the Goblet of Fire, the site of the Triwizard Tournament from the Goblet of Fire, the lochside location of Hagrid’s cottage and the White Tomb, the burial site of Albus Dumbledore.  Also with the option to venture into Northern England to wander the cloisters and corridors of the actual buildings used to represent Hogwarts in all the films.  For a suggested Harry Potter themed itinerary please click on the link for Harry Potter Tour. 

Outlander tours can encompass locations used for the Jacobite and post war era filing such as the villages and townships and country estates and castles used to represent the Duke of Sandringham and Hawkin’s estates.  A suggested itinerary is included in the tours section under Outlander Tour.  

Outlaw King tours take in all the principal photography locations used in the filming of the 2018 Netflix original film starring Chris Pine.  From battlefields to castles and medieval settlements.  Such tours can also be combined with the real life locations associated with Robert the Bruce and the Scottish Wars of Independence.  A suggested itinerary is included in the tours section under Outlaw King Tour. 

Mary Queen of Scots tours offer a balance between the principal photography locations used in the 2018 cinematic release together with the real life locations which played a role in the pivotal moments in the lives of Mary and her son James.  Ranging from places of residence and imprisonment to sites of conflict on a personal and national level.

James Bond tours can include the school James attended according the You Only Live Twice, the same epic drives which James follows in films such as Skyfall and the Scottish MI6 headquarters which feature in the World is Not Enough.

All such tours combine scenic and historic highlights of the Highland region and can be turned into a tour in their own right or incorporated into visits elsewhere in the country.  Please have a look at our other tours and let us know if there are any places you would like to be included in your tour.