Whisky Tour

Whisky Tour


Uisge Beatha, the Gaelic name for whisky, literally translated as 'Water of Life'. Explore the home of the world's favourite drink to discover its origins and the unique characteristics which allow such a diverse range of flavours across the 6 different Whisky regions. Whether you prefer a Speyside or Lowland, Islay or Highland, Island or Campbelltown malt we can design an itinerary which combines a balance of historical and scenic highlights together with the opportunity to visit your favourite brands, tour the distilleries, meet the people involved in the process and of course sample the goods.

Tours can be designed to take in elements of all 6 whisky producing regions, a selection of your favourites or simply visiting a distillery or two as part of a different tour.  Whisky based tours can also easily incorporate sites of scenic and historic interest amongst distillery visits should this be your preference. 

Should you wish to visit all 6 regions with the opportunity to visit distilleries in each this is achievable over the course of a 6 day tour or more should you wish.  An example of what it is possible to achieve across 6 days is detailed below:

Day 1 - Commencing your tour in the Scottish lowlands we visit one of the few remaining Lowland malts famed for their lighter flavour in the morning and spending the afternoon in and around Campbeltown sampling the wares of this lesser known whisky region associated with peaty, maritime flavours.

Day 2 is spent upon the Isle of Islay, paying visit to some of the most beloved strong and smoky malts.  This single small Island plays host to an incredible 8 distilleries each with their own distinct characteristics.  

Day 3 begins upon Islay we make the short ferry journey to neighbouring Jura for a taste of Island malt which whilst sharing some characteristics of an Islay malt is seen as a middling flavour occupying the niche between Islay and Highland malts before returning to Islay.

Day 4 back upon the mainland we journey North into the West Highland region where we sample characteristic West Highland malts, providing a useful comparison to those found further east, thus demonstrating the vastness of the region and the flavour differences found across it.  

Day 5  is spent in the region synonymous with whisky production: Speyside, home to more than half of all of Scotland's distilleries.  Whiskies from this region are considered to be the most complex, elegant and aromatic, many drawing their water from the River Spey itself with time to sample the wares of several of the countries most recognisable brands.

Day 6 beginning in Speyside we journey due south encountering malts from the Central Highlands and dependant upon the location of your onwards travel a further lowland malt distillery prior to the conclusion of your flavour tour.

Please get in touch to let us know what you are interested in and we will be happy to put together some ideas for you.